Backstage at the Keynote

You can feel the sense of excitement in the air.

The invited guests are taking their seats. The livebloggers are taking photos of an empty stage. The latest Imagine Dragons single is booming.

You and seven others are backstage in the green room when disaster strikes. Several brand new products have gone missing, the clicker is broken, and the big keynote starts in just 15 minutes.


It’s up to you to find the clues and solve the puzzles so that the show can go on.

For one week only, come and experience a pop-up escape room at AltConf 2019 in San Jose, California. Coordinate with friends to play at the same time, or pick a random timeslot and jump right in.

Tickets are available at the AltConf web site. A system to pick your timeslot will be available later this Spring after the conferences have published their schedules, so that you can avoid conflicts and confirm your travel itinerary.